View of a beautiful sandy beach, the ocean waves gently crashing against the shore.
An almost black stone in the shape of a sphere rises out of the sea
The light and a beautiful evening atmosphere are reflected by the wet sand on the beach
Detail of an interesting stone wall structure at the beach. A yellowish stone with holes in it and black spots on it and black
Stone formation of several reddish stones on a rocky beach
Very green small plants or moss growing at a very dark stones with holes at the beach
Nearly white sand at the beach forming a beautiful structure in form of a wave
Beautiful rock formation on the beach made of different stones covered with colorful moss.
Two large round stones on the beach with a color gradient from black to yellow
Beautiful rock formation on the beach made of several stones covered with colorful moss in front of a colourful stone wall
Building BER
View from the empty main hall of BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport at one of their test runs before opening
Seated farmers woman on a vegetable market stand in Hoi An, Vietnam, sorting her produce.
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Beyond the forest
Beautiful moss and other tiny plants in a dark forest with the light filtering through