Detail of an interestingly colored bank with gray and anthracite stones and light green water
Detail of a nearly acid green looking water from a geothermal source in a pond framed by colorful stones
Rays of light fall through dark trees onto a small stream of geothermal water in an interesting blueish colour.
View over a lush forest to a very green lake
Detail of an almost rusty-looking branch of a tree in a geothermal area in New Zealand
Detail of a beautiful fern leaf illuminated by the light falling into the dark forest.
Detail of a colorful bank of a geothermal spring with yellow mud, ochre sand and milky green water
A small white cloud of smoke rises from between dark stones
A small geothermal river with bright transparent turquoise water seen through the silhouettes of large ferns in front of it
A muddy grey ground and different grey plants in geothermal water
An amazingly colourful detail of a geothermal spring in New Zealand, the colours ranging from acid green over bright yellow to blue and ochre.
A young girl in white trousers and a blue shirt walks along a geothermal spring and covers her nose with a yellow jacket from the smell.

Of Plenty

Of Plenty is an exploration of the emotional quality of landscape – it’s own vulnerability but also my states of mind in retrospect, after imagination has added layers to it and blurred the line between the mental and physical space.

I gave an interview on Of Plenty and my perception of landscape in general, read more here:
Shaping Memories

Early Migration
Overview of several small dwellings of the first Chinese settlers in Arrowtown, New Zealand.
A serene crescent moon illuminates the night sky above a dense forest of tall dark trees.
Shared Landscapes
A women playing the trumpet while lying on the ground of a beautiful lush forest as a part of
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