Beautiful moss and other tiny plants in a dark forest with the light filtering through
Yellow mossy ground with grass and small plants in a swamp
A bunch of beautiful violet flowers in between green leaves in a lush dark forest
A green fern and a thin tree trunk growing out of it in a dark forest
Water of a waterfall is dripping onto stones covered with moss and fern
Different types of long grasses growing sideways from a stone wall in the forest
Many long grasses with almost white tips grow from a soil of light-colored sand in front of a forest of conifers
A beautiful mess of plants growing into each other, some of them already dry ferns
Of Plenty
Rays of light fall through dark trees onto a small stream of geothermal water in an interesting blueish colour.
Early Migration
Overview of several small dwellings of the first Chinese settlers in Arrowtown, New Zealand.
Noack Fine Art Foundry
Inside view of the sandforming hall of Noack fine art foundry in Berlin.
A serene crescent moon illuminates the night sky above a dense forest of tall dark trees.