Tokyo city skyline with brightly lit skyscapers and cloudy sky. A bustling metropolis amidst a dramatic backdrop of clouds.
Crowded street (Shibuya crossing) with blurred figures, capturing the hustle and bustle of urban life.
Blurry image of pedestrians at Shibuya crossing, illustrating the vibrant movement in a busy city
Panoramic Tokyo cityscape as seen from the harbour with a suspension bridge leading into the city and mount Fuji in the background.
A man walks down a street at Tsukiji Outer Market in Tokyo against the light, wearing a casual outfit and carrying a briefcase.
Two japanese men chatting next to a motorcycle heavily loaded with skillfully balanced boxes.
A woman in a pink shirt and a younger man stand at their stall at the Tsukiji outer market in Tokyo, which is packed with boxes and items they want to sell.
A lot of Maneki-neko lucky cat figurines in various sizes at a shrine in Tokyo, beautifully illuminated by the sun. All but one cat are photographed from behind.
A cheerfully smiling older fish market vendor in a bright orange apron in his market booth at Toyosu fishmarket in Tokyo.
A cheerfully smiling younger fish market vendor in her market booth at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.
Detail of the hands of a japanese master knife sharpener demonstating his skills of sharpening knives with waterstones to visitors at the Toyosu fish market
A master in the traditional japanese art of knife sharpening demonstating his skills of working with waterstones to visitors at the Toyosu fish market
A beautiful assortment of colourful waterstones at a knive sharpening work place at Toyosu fishmarket.
Tokyo cityscape as seen from above.
Tuna auction at the Tokyo fish market as seen from above. Tuna lie on a blue tarpaulin on the green floor, surrounded by wooden trolleys and crates.
Tuna auction at the Tokyo fish market seen from above. A man in a bright yellow jacket stands on the green floor with 4 other darkly dressed men amid rows of dead tuna.
Beautiful vintage sake barrels at the sake museum in Tokyo.
Four Maneki-neko lucky cats in a small window shrine outside an old, traditional wooden building, illuminated by the sun shining through the trees
A row of white and a brown umbrella outside an old, traditional wooden building, illuminated by the sun.
Traditional old Japanese posters and advertisements for sake at the Tokyo Sake Museum.
Detail of an illuminated temple in Tokyo by night.
A Japanese man at a sporting event in Tokyo, stretching and trying to take a picture of the star of the event with his cell phone
Two women in traditional japanese dresses seeh from behind.
A smiling woman as seen trough rows of blurry Omikuji (
A smiling Japanese girl stands among several glowing blue balloons
A Tokyo city night street scene with a stylish young man sitting on a curb watching workers on the street.
A covered car parked in front of a house and covered by a tarpaulin, with red traffic cones and a barrier in front of it.
The red-white and yellow sneakers of tho people standing on an ancient japanese stone floor.
A man walks by an open and lit garage with a motorcycle in Tokyo by night.
A person in a blue dress disappears through a balck and white curtain with a bamboo pattern.
A woman between strings in a disco-lit atmosphere.
A woman sitting on the floor in a media art installation with projected waves on the wall, holding up her phone for a selfie.
A darkish Tokyo street scene by night with a wall painting reading
A woman with headphones walks thought a bustling street in Tokyo by night, a lit skyscraper in the back.
A man walks through an alley full of neon signs in Tokyo at night.
A man walks through an alley full of neon signs in Tokyo at night.
Neon-lit vendor machine, small shop and parking in Tokyo at night.
A window display with sandwiches with various toppings, beautifully lit.
Traditionally dressed Japanese girls with elaborate hairstyles playing seek and find.
Tokyo gambling store with huge yellow stuffed animals in the window front.
A traditionally dressed japanese girl.
Two women in beige trenchcoats and black high heels and a traditionally dressed woman in a white-pink flowery dress walking in the streets of Tokyo.
A close-up of a bonsai tree with red flowers, twisted branches and vibrant green leaves, showcasing the art of miniature tree cultivation.
A family in traditional japanese dresses waiting under two umbrellas.
A couple sitting under a tree at Yoyogi park in Tokyo.
A traditionally dressed bride and groom are photographed by two photographers in dark suits in front of a traditional Japanese shrine. A woman in a golden dress fixes the bride's dress.
A woman in a red and white formal dress walks through a traditional Japanese temple with red pillars
Japanese temple detail at Kamakura
Multi-storey Japanese temple behind tall trees
Omikuji (traditional japanese lottery tickets) before the detail of a temple
Weathered door of a Japanese temple decorated with ornaments
A monk gives a couple a private tour in a temple with orange-red decorated pillars, in the background the view over Kyoto
View through the treefs of the garden onto the Ginkaku-ji temple, also known as the
Aerial view of the Katsuro River in beautiful autumn colours from above. Behind the famous Arashimaya bamboo grove.
A serene forest scene with tall trees with autumn-coloured leaves and a moss-covered ground in the Gingaku-ji gardens, creating a lush and tranquil environment.
A branch of another tree in the middle of a bamboo forest, the Arshimaya bamboo forest in Kyoto
A night street scene in Kyoto, a dynamic elegantly dressed couple walking, the headlights of a white car behind them
A branch with orange berries in one of three large traditional Japanese clay vases in front of a sliding wooden door of a store.
In a beautifully lit dark wooden interior of a traditional Japanese pottery store
Dark Kyoto street scene with traditional wooden houses
A beautiful cedar fruit in an elegant, dark glazed bowl made from traditional Japanese ceramics
Detail of a wall made of antique ceramic vessels in Tokoname, Aichi, Japan
A small street with traditional wooden pottery workshop houses in Tokoname
A view of Tokoname ware tiles and a cedar tree
A colourful ceramic wall mural in Tokoname pottery town, Aichi
A nightly view into a lit shed in Taketoyo, Japan
Electricity pylons and lines crossing before a dark cloudy sky, creating a gloomy atmosphere
A small house with a rusty corrugated iron front and traditionally shaped trees in front of it
Detail of the facade of a house in Taketoyo at night, with closed dark windows and small canopies above, illuminated by the street lights.
A small beige house with a tree without leaves but orange fruit in front of it
Inside of a traditional japanese bedroom
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Noack Fine Art Foundry
Inside view of the sandforming hall of Noack fine art foundry in Berlin.
Seated farmers woman on a vegetable market stand in Hoi An, Vietnam, sorting her produce.
Make visible
View from the main crater to the rock near the wharf at Whakaari White Island.
Beyond the forest
Beautiful moss and other tiny plants in a dark forest with the light filtering through