Tribute to Steve McQueen & William Claxton

When William Claxton first met Steve McQueen in the 1960s, he had already become known for his jazz photography and as a photojournalist, but soon became McQueen's favorite photographer as well. They shared a love of fast cars, became dear friends and went on trips together. This resulted in very personal images and intimate portraits of McQueen.⁠

In 2005 – I still had my menswear label IO – former managing director of QVEST magazine Holger Homann approached me with the amazing opportunity to photograph a tribute to William Claxton's iconographic racing series at the Oschersleben race track. We planned something between a fashion editorial and a documentary of the private historic race that took place that day, with some of the most valuable and rare vintage racing cars of the 60's like the Maserati 250F that can be seen in this picture, or the Jaguar XKSS that McQueen also owned himself in the next.⁠

My series are meant as a tribute to McQueen and Claxton alike. And I am aware that these are too huge shoes to fill… You can find some of Claxton’s legendary photographs at Fahey Klein Gallery or in the great photo book "Steve McQueen by William Claxton", which was first published by TASCHEN in 2004.


Photography: Carola Plöchinger⁠
Styling: Axel Surendorf⁠
Hair & Make-Up: Romulo Corrêa⁠
Models: ⁠
Holger Homann
Paul Boche

I unfortunately don’t remember the complete names of the female models, the other male models and the racing driver. If you recognize any of them, please write me a message and let them know, I’ll for sure mention them and send them the files. Thank you.⁠

And PS: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction (Francis Picabia). Please act in an environmentally conscious way.

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