January 3, 2022

PEP New Talents 2021

Group Show
Kommunale Galerie, Berlin
January 30 to March 27, 2022
Sunday, January 30, from 12:00
Photographic Exploration Project – New Talents 2021
Pep New Talents collective exhibition annoucement with works from Francesco Merlini, Giacomo Bianco, Ruihua Liang
© images from left to right: Francesco Merlini, Giacomo Bianco, Ruihua Liang

"The Moon and I" from the series "Of Plenty" is part of the group exhibition "PEP New Talents 2021" at Kommunale Galerie Berlin.

For the third edition of its NEW TALENTS group show, PEP (Photographic Exploration Project) invited artists from all over the world to share what they are most passionate about. The proposals received from the international call for entries for this exhibition were very diverse in themes and styles. The participating artists were invited to reflect on what is at the very heart of their practice as a photographer and to show what they have the most talent for. This way, they could fully express what really matters to them and what intrinsically drives them in their quest for images. From experimental techniques to documentary, still lives or urban photography, the proposed images were various and representative of a global and contemporary approach to the medium. Social, experimental, political, autobiographical, formal and conceptual angles now enter into dialogue in the context of a collective exhibition showcasing new visions of photography from 47 selected artists of 22 different nationalities.

The PEP New Talents 2021 group show will be on display from January 30 to March 27, 2022, at Kommunale Galerie Berlin.

Selected artists:

Margaux Corda (CH)
Hallie Gluk (US)
Muscle Memory Collective (US)
Max Barel (NO)
Elsa Kostic (FR)
Giacomo Bianco (IT)
David Bard (CH)
Jenni Toivonen (FI)
Francesco Merlini (IT)
Ruihua Liang (CN)
Dawn Woolley (UK)
Martha Frieda Friedel (DE)
Irina Shkoda (UA)
Olga Kuzmenkova (RU)
Lisa Bukreyeva (UA)
Maggie Shannon (US)
Juan Brenner (GT)
Ilaria Trees Meridio (IT)
Francesco Paolo Gassi (IT)
Holly Birtles (UK)
Matteo Capone (IT)
Antoine Grenez (BE)
Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic (US/JP)
Nicolas Hermann (FR)
Özge Ertürk (TR)
Eleonora Strano (FR/IT)
Alejandra Vacuii (ES)
Chiara Benzi (IT)
Isabella Convertino (US)
Malte Uchtmann (DE)
Mateusz Janik (PL)
Adrienn Józan (HU)
Nikola Lorenzin (IT/RS)
Maria Mavropoulou (GR)
Irene Tondelli (IT)
Joris Deleersnyder (BE)
Valentin Marco (FR)
Antonio Rodriguez Escobar (GT/ES)
David Bruneel (BE)
Yannis Konstantinos (DE)
Su Kui (CN)
João Baptista (PT)
Sunniva Hestenes (NO)
Baerbel Reinhard (DE)
Carola Plöchinger (DE)
Erika Pellicci (IT)
Wing Ka Ho (HK)

Jury and curators:
Bénédicte Blondeau
Norbert Wiesneth

Kommunale Galerie Berlin
Hohenzollerndamm 176
10713 Berlin


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