Delighted to be featured in the AND 2020 Annual by Then There Was Us alongside so many other wonderful artists!

"AND is an annual selection of some of the best up and coming influential documentary and portrait photographers from across the globe, showcasing in this heterogeneous collection of poignant and inspiring imagery, a response to a shifting culture and change to the way photography is produced, shared and consumed. This is Then There Was Us Magazine's ones to watch of 2020. This year we have selected 42 photographers from across the world to be part of our second AND annual."

Selected artists 2020:
Adam Dickson, Alex Ingram, Ana Paganini, Anthea Spivey, Carola Cappellari, Carola Plöchinger, Chan Yang Kim, Fred Mitchell, Giulia De Marchi, Giulia Savorelli, Gómez Selva, Ivan Ogilvie, Jake Eshelman, Jared Ragland, Jaime Molina, Jonathan Moore, Jonathan Tumbel, Joseph Horton, Joshua Adam Jones, Kate Schultze, Kerry Curl, Lily Miles, Louis Bever, Lucy Cullingworth, Marco Bardusco-Brazie, Matt Peers, Matt MacPake, Martin Pauer, Max Searl, Miriam Strong, Mon Levchenkova, Norberto Fernandez Soriano, Olivia Thompson, Orlando Gili, Paul Daly, Sem Langendijk, Sergio Leyva Seiglie, Steffen Junghanß, Tavis Amosford, Tommy Sussex, Vera Hadzhiyska, Veronica Horsman.

  • Product Details:
  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 48
  • Binding: Staple
  • Paper: 120gsm Recycled
  • Photographers Features: 42
  • Published: Public Source
  • Project: Then There Was Us